Our 34 km trail network provides a choice of different trails graded from novice to expert.

At this time, we are not able to confirm whether a 2020/21 ski season will be possible.

Please check back on the website for updates.

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Cross Country Skiing

    Beginner River - Run Orange (Classical Skiing, and Snowshoe) - 2.0km

A completely flat trail that winds its way past the Pine River and through a beautiful forested area. 

    Beginner - Cedar - Green (Classical Skiing, and Snowshoe) - 4.5km

A primarily flat trail with two gentle hills through a sheltered cedar forest.

    Intermediate - Lookout - Red (Classical Skiing, and Snowshoe) - 3.7km

Winds its way to the top of the hill and provides an excellent view of the property. There are four or five hills throughout and one intermediate hill.

    Intermediate - Logger - Blue (Classical Skiing, and Snowshoe) - 9.5km

Follows the edge of the moraine, with commanding views over the Pine River Valley. Two intermediate hills are at the beginning and one at the end. A shortcut does exist that cuts the trail to only 7.8km in length.

    Intermediate/Expert - Deer - Yellow (Classical Skiing) - 16.6km

Traverses the centre of the Dufferin County Forest. This is our longest trail with intermediate hills. A shortcut does exist that cuts the trail to only 8.0km in length.