The School Outdoors FAQ

Q - What is the policy on wearing masks?

A – Generally speaking we will be following the provincial or local health authority recommendations for wearing masks indoors. Students below the 4th grade and students with a medical condition will not be required to wear a mask indoors. All of the Mansfield Outdoor Centre staff will wear a face covering at all times when indoors.

Q – Will the students be social distancing?

A – Yes, we will encourage social distancing wherever and whenever possible. When social distancing is a challenge we will ask the students to wear a mask. The Mansfield Outdoor Centre staff will always wear a mask when they are required to be in close proximity to a student.

Q – What will the COVID-19 screening procedures be?

A – Prior to each weekly “The School Outdoors” session we will ask families to complete a self-declaration to answer the following questions: Has anyone in your family tested positive for COVID-19 in the past three weeks, Has anyone in your family travelled internationally in the past three weeks? Has anyone in your family displayed any of the following symptoms in the past two weeks; Sore throat, Runny nose, difficulty breathing, sudden aches and pains, fever, cough or sudden fatigue?

Additionally, upon arrival at Mansfield Outdoor Centre each morning every student will have a temperature check and visual scan for symptoms.

Q – How will the groups be separated within the Mansfield Outdoor Centre facility?

A – Within our facilities we have 4 large group meeting spaces and 2 medium sized meeting spaces. Depending on the registration numbers we will separating the indoor spaces accordingly.

Q – What will happen if a student or staff member tests positive for COVID – 19?

A – If any member of “The School Outdoors” community tests positive for COVID-19 we will immediately inform everyone who may have been in contact with that person and advise them to follow the advice of the local medical officer of health.

Additionally, we will be forced to close our facility for a deep cleaning and sterilization and will require all of our employees to be tested and monitored for COVID-19.  

Q – What will happen if there is severe thunder, lightning, wind, etc.?

A – In the event of severe weather we will modify our daily schedule ensure the students can maximize their outdoor learning while maintaining our indoor socially distant protocols for alternative programming within our 6 indoor classrooms, wood shop and indoor challenge course.

Q – Are my registration dates flexible?

A – If you sign your child up for 1 day per week you may be able to add additional days if there is available space on an alternate day of the week.

A – If you sign up for Mondays and Wednesday, you could switch to others days in the week if space is available.