Our programs involve students in observation and discovery in the natural environment.

Fall, Winter & Spring Terms

Spring & Fall Terms

Winter Term

These direct, hands-on learning experiences both complement and supplement the current Ontario Curriculum. Overall, our residential program is a mix of academic pursuits, physical and recreational activities as well as social/emotional growth and development of each student. These are totally integrated, thereby making the students’ residential stay a community of living and learning.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Programs


Students will hike and explore our 300 acre mixed forest and conduct a forest survey within a designated forest plat. Students will engage they math skills to measure tree height, tree diameter, forest density, and occurrence of the various tree species’ within the survey area. 


Students will also conduct various experiments in small groups to determine the flexibility, carbon content, age, and potential commercial use for the various woods found in the forest plat. 


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Math, Science, Physical Education, Social Studies


          It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…


Students will examine and explore things that fly and the physics behind the miracle of flight. This program includes outdoor exploring and identifying various species of birds and their adaptations for flight. Students will also experiment with gliders, trajectory of round objects, and measure factors such as wind speed for predicting the outcome of a rocket launch. 


Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Math, Science, Physical Education, Social Studies, The Arts


          Pioneer Wood Shop


Students will be able to select from a variety of pioneer style wood crafts including; toys and games, household items, kitchen tools and more. Each student will use their math skills to measure lines and angles and transfer plans from paper to wood. All of the tools used in this program are hand tools and include; various hand saws, hand powered drills, sanding blocks, clamps, hammers, and screw drivers. 


Junior, intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Math, Technology, Social Studies, The Arts


          Small Creature Study


Students will learn about biodiversity and the energy cycle that is supported by the small creatures inhabiting our forest, meadow, pond, swamp, and river eco-systems. 


Through a combination of outdoor games, collecting and examining live specimens, and evaluating the non-living environment; students in all grade levels will develop a deeper understanding of the connections between our every day actions and their impact on the sensitive environment supported by small creatures.


Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Science, Social Studies, Math, The Arts, Physical Education


          Weather or Not


Students will examine local and global climate and weather trends, extreme weather phenomena, and the energy that humans can harness from the weather. Using professional quality instruments, the students will record informational a local Weather Station, and use the information to predict the weather for the next 12-48 hours. Students in the Weather or Not program will also participate in weather related games, activities, role plays, and drama. 


Primary, Junior Divisions; Social Studies, Math, Science, The Arts


Historical Simulations



Students will learn the local history and hardships of European settlers and homesteaders in Central Ontario. Students will then apply the basic Map Orienteering skills to participate in a simulation game where they will role play as Farmers, Sawyers, and Millers to builder their new lives raise a family, and prosper. 


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Social Studies, Physical Education, Math


          Fur Trade


Students learn the adventures and challenges faced on the frontier of the Hudson Bay Company as they travel the forest as Courier du Bois and collect animal pelts to trade with local indigenous communities.


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Social Studies, Physical Education, Math


Outdoor Skills



Our orienteering program is designed to challenge students of all abilities, from beginner map readers to advanced map and compass explorers. Students will identify and utilize the mapping tools; Legend, Scale, and Compass Rose and collect points as they navigate and find their orienteering check points. Mansfield Outdoor Centre has 12 different Orienteering courses to be sure your students are successful in the practical application of map reading skills. 


Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Social Studies, Math, Physical Education


          Snow Shoeing


Students will learn the historical application of snow shoes and will set out on a trekking adventure on trails and through the forest of Mansfield Outdoor Centre with classic beavertail shaped snow shoes. Proper winter footwear is a requirement for this program. 


Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Physical Education, History, Social Studies


          Watercolour Paint


The water colour program combines a walk in the woods, students observation skills, and sensory awareness techniques with a practical water colour lesson outside. Students will learn proper water colour techniques, use quality paint and paper materials to create 1-4 pieces of artwork inspired by the incredible landscape and wildlife of Mansfield Outdoor Centre. 


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; The Arts, Physical Education, Science


          Woodland Survival


Your group of students suddenly finds themselves stranded in the woods with minimal resources and the threat of weather and darkness looming. They will quickly learn about the human bodies reaction to stress, how long we can survive without Water, Food, and Shelter and the perils of hypothermia. Working in small groups, the students will then begin preparing for the possibility of an extended stay in the woods, building shelters, emergency camp fires, and boiling water. 


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Physical Education, Science, Social Studies


          Cross Country Skiing


Our Cross Country Skiing program is our signature winter offering. From thorough instruction for beginners and over 40km of machine groomed trails for skiers of all skill levels, we know your students will have a blast exploring the forest. We provide top quality ski equipment and instruction to make sure each student has a great experience on the trails.


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Physical Education, Social Studies, Math


Eco Games

          Instincts for Survival


Instincts for Survival is the Mansfield Outdoor Centre version of a classic predator/prey food pyramid survival game. Students will be transformed into Herbivores, Omnivores, Carnivores, and Natural Elements to simulate the forest eco-system. The complexity of the game can be modified to meet the needs of all age groups. 


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Science, Physical Education


          Running Wild Games


Running Wild Games is a collection of outdoor games that are played in the forest, fields and trails of Mansfield Outdoor Centre. In each game, the students will have an opportunity to explore predator/prey relationships,  animal adaptations, the pressures of habitat loss on animal populations and other human impacts on wildlife. 


Primary and Junior Divisions; Science, Social Studies, Physical Education


Evening and Community Based Programs

Evening Programs are a great way to build community among your students. Our Mansfield Outdoor Centre evening programs may include: Camp Fires with s’mores, Night Hikes, Large Group Games, Dance Parties, Seasonal Craft Activities, Talent Shows, Drama Performances, and more. During a 2 night visit to Mansfield Outdoor Centre, we will provide 1 complimentary evening program of the teacher’s choice. Additional evening programs can be added for $150 per program. 

          Eco Action


Eco-Action is a new program offering at Mansfield Outdoor Centre. Teachers will choose from a seasonal selection of local or national environmental issues that are relevant to their students’ curriculum. The program consists of a discussion of these issues and ideas for action in our outdoor classroom. The students will develop an action plan and begin an Eco-Action project that will continue back in their classroom and home life. The Eco-Action program can contribute to your Ontario Eco-Schools award.


Leadership, Character, and Community Development

          Co-Operative Games


Our Co-Operative Games program is designed to engage groups of all ages and group sizes to solve problems, communicate, work together, and overcome challenges. Our trained instructors will work with teachers to develop a sequence of activities that will challenge the students to achieve their full potential as a group and individuals; at School, at home and in their community.


Primary, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Physical Education, Social Studies, Careers


          Team-Building Challenge Course


Our signature team development program includes low rope activities and participating in a fully facilitated low challenge course sequence including trust falls, rope swings, initiative walls, balance beams, and more. Our low challenge course includes 14 initiatives that will require your group to support each other, communicate, problem solve, plan ahead, adapt to change and reflect. All of our facilitators are professionally trained and will work with teachers to achieve specific group goals. 


Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Divisions; Physical Education, Social Studies, Science, Math, Careers