Skill Advancement Program

Skill Advancement Program

The Camp Mansfield Skill Advancement Program is a new approach to program development and delivery. In each skill activity that we offer; your child will have an opportunity to progress through a 6 step spectrum from basic and advanced skills to Junior Instructor. Each of the participatory levels are named after trees growing at Camp Mansfield; Pine, Aspen, Cedar, Oak and Maple. The 6thlevel is the Junior Instructor level. 

As your child advances through the multiple levels of skill acquisition in each activity, their progression will be tracked and they will receive a unique Camp Mansfield keepsake to recognize their accomplishment. 

Campers who spend multiple weeks at camp, and return for multiple summers will clearly demonstrate their strengths in the camp skills they have developed. As your child experiences success at Camp Mansfield, they will demonstrate better results in school, will be more apt to participate in their community, and in other forms of recreation during the school year. 

The following is a list of the activities that are included in the Camp Mansfield Skill Advancement Program.


Archery, Arts and Crafts, Camping, Drama, Ecology, Hiking, Leadership, Mountain Biking, STEM, Swimming, Target Sports, Team Sports, Team Building and Wood Shop.

Level 1: Poplar

Introductory skills, campers can demonstrate comprehension of the activity safety guidelines, rules of play, cooperative participation and interest in the activity. 

Level 2: Pine

Review of introductory skills, campers can demonstrate the basic physical skills of the activity with accuracy and regularity. Campers begin to develop intermediate level skills. 

Level 3: Cedar

Intermediate Skills, campers can apply their basic skills and theory to the development of more advance techniques and performance in their skill areas. Safety and equipment care are regular routine. 

Level 4: Oak

Review of intermediate skills, campers exhibit regular efficiency in the intermediate skills, and begin working on advance skills, theory and techniques in the activity area. 

Level 5: Maple

Advanced Skills, campers can demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the physical skills in the activity area, ability to showcase the skills and instruct the basic skills to younger campers.


Level 6: Junior Instructor 

The Junior Instructor level is for youth who have successfully completed the Maple level and have showcased the required skills from their activity area. Junior Instructors must be able to communicate the basic theory, safety and equipment care guidelines to younger campers.  Successful Junior Instructors will complete a role play with a counselor to teach the Pine and Aspen level physical skills.  

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