Leadership And Counselor Training Programs  for 2020

Leadership In Training (L.I.T.)

Age 14 (Have completed Grade 8)

Available Dates 

July 12th - August 1st 2020

August 4th - August 24th 2019


The Leadership In Training program at Camp Mansfield is an advanced leadership development experience for youth who are entering high school. This 3 week residential program will focus on 6 Leadership Development themes: Communication, Problem Solving, Inclusion, Commitment, Support and Time Management.


While at Camp Mansfield, LIT’s will have 2 daily leadership development programs, as well as 2 Elective activities per day in the Camp Mansfield Skill Advancement Program. In the LIT program, youth will be encouraged to support the skill development of younger campers in their elective activities. 


LIT participants will also complete a 3 night co-ed out-trip in a provincial or national park with qualified Camp Mansfield Leadership Staff. The trip will be a hiking trip that the LIT group will plan with the support of their Leadership Counselors. 


The LIT program will also provide the youth with an opportunity to complete a collective community service project which will be a part of each LIT’s legacy at Camp Mansfield. LIT’s will be provided with 24 Community Service Hours for their successful completion of the LIT program.*




Counselor In Training (C.I.T.)

Ages 15 (Have completed Grade 9) 

Available Dates

July 5th - August 1st 2020

The Counselor In Training program is a development model designed to prepare youth to become Counselors and Leadership Staff at Camp Mansfield. This 4 week program will immerse youth into teaching younger campers skills in the Camp Mansfield Skill Advancement Program, shadowing a counselor to learn Camp Mansfield routines in cabins, the Dining Hall, and in activity areas. 


CIT’s will participate in daily Counselor Training sessions as well as participate in skill and elective activities. CIT’s will choose a Core program area to achieve a Camp Mansfield Junior Instructor certificate in that activity. Core Activities include; Swimming, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Ecology, Camping Skills, Team Sports, Low Ropes and Team Building, Hiking, Archery and Target Sports, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).


CIT’s will also participate in a 3 Night Co-Ed Trip program in a Provincial or National Park. CIT’s will have an opportunity to receive their standard first aid and CPR training during their 4 week program. CIT youth will also have an opportunity to complete a collective community service project which will be a part of each CIT’s legacy at Camp Mansfield. CIT’s will be provided with 36 Community Service Hours.*



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