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Rediscover the Outdoors!

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Welcome back to the Mansfield Outdoor Centre.  Whether you have visited before or if this is your first time, we’ve missed you!  The GREAT Outdoors Centre is the jewel in the crown of Dufferin County and is nestled in the hills of Mulmur Township on 300 acres of forest, fields and the Pine River. 


We take great care in bringing you beautiful experiences outdoors.  We have some of the best mountain biking in Ontario and breath taking views.  The water in our rivers and streams are the purest in Canada and feed three of the great lakes; Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay. In order for everyone to enjoy the GREAT Outdoors we need your help in doing your part to protect our water and green spaces.  Let’s work together to minimize our impact on the earth.  Remember to pick up after yourselves during your stay and leave no trace.  Be more, need less.   “It’s In Our Nature” to want to preserve the beauty of our great outdoors for generations to come.  We kindly ask that you do not bring disposable plastic water bottles on site.